Beneficiaries of Safe Shift

Firefighters and other first responders have chosen a career that puts their lives and personal well being at risk.  They are the first to rush towards crisis situations.  Everyone in a community has either been helped by a first responder or is close to someone who has been the recipient of their selfless work. 

By supporting Safe Shift, you are helping not only the firefighters and first responders, but also their families and their departmental support staff.

Every day, firefighter families are sending their loved ones off to work not knowing if their loved one will be facing life threatening emergencies.  The stress of the job takes a toll on the firefighters, their co-workers, and their families. 

It is not only physical trauma but the unseen damage of mental and emotional stress. 

The health and wellness programs supported by Safe Shift can sometimes be the final rungs on the ladder to mental and physical well-being assistance.

Safe Shift:  “Taking care of those that take care of us.”

Safe Shift is a fundraising arm of the all-volunteer Greater Tucson Fire Foundation.

The Greater Tucson Fire Foundation is the 2023 recipient of the Paul S Sarbanes Fire Safety Leadership Award.  This national award recognizes organizations for outstanding leadership in advancing firefighter health and safety.

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